5 Top Tips for your house refurbishment

With so many design choices options available, and so many different opinions out there, deciding how best to upgrade your period property can be perplexing. At MWAI are a lucky to have a wealth of experience working on both heritage and refurbishment properties around London and can help you make the right choices. MWAI’s top tips for your hit list are:


Think about long term flexibility and keep it simple.

Over-designing your house can make it awkward to use in the future. Consider your current lifestyle but allow yourself to the ability to grow and change. Will your teenage children really want a pink bathroom - or can you find a design that is friendly practical and timeless? Do you really need to knock all the rooms through into one, or can you imagine being able to swap uses around in the future?


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Transform the worst, improve the best.

Consider what makes the house special in the first place. Is it the heritage, individual features, the location, or lifestyle potential? Try to retain and enhance these features. Consider the problems with the property also. Is the living accommodation suitable, is there poor connection to the garden, is it dark or cramped? A thoughtful new design that removes the most significant problems will transform the feel of the property and the way in which you live.


Do not forget about the practical, everyday things.

Buying or changing your house is often connected to an exciting change in lifestyle and circumstance.  It is the opportunity to renew and start again. Amongst all the upheaval and rethinking, do not allow yourself to project too much on your future self. Most people do not transform from being messy to tidy overnight. When you redesign your home do not forget about storage and practicality. Open shelves are great if you like order, but they are a devil to keep clean in a kitchen. Coats near the doors need a cupboard. Use drawers for your shoes. What about the outdoor gear? Where do you put your keys and dump your bags? Is an ensuite bathroom door near the bed too noisy?


Take a step towards sustainability.

If being ‘eco’ sounds like too much of a lifestyle compromise, or something that other people do, then think about taking a small step towards sustainability instead. Even small changes in lifestyle can make a difference. Challenge your architects and interior designers to offer creative solutions. Not every sustainable idea is going to cost thousands or ruin your ideal finish. If nothing else, sign up to a ‘green’ tariff for your electricity.


Be realistic about what it costs, obtain as much information as possible.

Employ professionals to help you with your project. Professional service will reduce the risk, improve the quality, and provide a degree of protection against the worst. Contact MWAI. We can help you demystify appointments and guide you through the process.