Demystifying appointments

For homeowners starting a new project it is often difficult to know what to do, whom to go to and how to work well with consultants. Referrals and recommendations for consultants and builders are often found by asking other property professionals, or through friends and colleagues. MWAI receives 90% of new commissions through personal recommendation. If you haven’t found the right architect, or want to expand your shortlist, where do you go next however?


As Chartered Architects, it is no surprise that we recommend that you visit the RIBA website. The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) is famous around the world for its exceptionally high standards. The ‘Find an architect’ service provides an online database and search engine for RIBA Registered Architecture firms like MWAI. All practices are professional, chartered and hold Professional Indemnity insurance. The website provides a snapshot of each practice’s service, style and expertise to help you find the right match.


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MWAI has a multi-faceted approach to working with private clients which has resulted in our strong residential portfolio. We provide heritage, architecture, interior design, and direct procurement services, an expertise that enables us to work across a wide range of commissions Following an introduction to MWAI, the first thing we will do is enquire about your brief, talk to you to find out a little more about you and, if convenient, visit the property with you. We never forget that we are designing for our clients. We normally provide this service for free and can often give you good outline advice there and then.


A detailed appraisal of the design options available, the planning potential, heritage considerations landlord issues, costs, programme, and procurement will be provided after our first contact. This is termed a ‘feasibility study’. The intention of the feasibility study is to simplify and organise the future direction of the project, providing strategic advice on how best to navigate the complexities of the UK system. Build cost, consultants, taxes, and disbursement will be included. We can also start a dialogue about different types of procurement (how to buy the project), and where to go next.


MWAI will demystify the appointment process for you and answer all your questions along the way. In our feasibility study we also explain the types of other consultants and forms of service that are normally provided in the industry, and help you create the correct structure for the project tailored to your specific requirements.


By getting to know you and guiding you thoughtfully through the appointment process we lay the strongest possible foundations for a successful working relationship, and a home that delivers your vision.