Upcycling for your project

When you consider your next project, consider ‘upcycling’ in your new design.


‘Upcycling’ is the creative reuse and repurposing of unwanted building materials or fixtures from other projects, and is a step in the right direction to helping the planet by reusing unwanted objects thereby removing the need to both produce new goods, but also landfill the old materials. Upcycled outcomes are often delightful and can represent your personality. You can upcycle into old or new houses, using classic or eclectic styling. Why not consider old taps, or sinks? Think about reusing old joinery from second-hand shops, or reclaimed timber floors from a salvage yard? Go vintage!


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Everyone at MWAI is a great fan of upcycling, and have used items of upcycling in our own houses, reusing existing fixtures (from old houses), joinery and ironmongery, collecting upcycled products from local junk shops or specialist architectural reclaim yards. With careful curation, small authentic objects can add a lot of character. Alessia has made a bath storage box out of recalimed plywood and mesh.


Matthew reclaimed industrial lamps from an architectural salvage shop in North London.” So unusual, with real patina!!” he says. https://www.retrouvius.com/stock/. The children's bathroom shower curtain rail is made from old copper pipes left over from the plumbing install.