Who do I need for my UK project?

The often, complex problem of finding the right professional team for your project is unfortunately not helped by the decentralised process within the UK market. MWAI are ideally placed to help assist you in the decision making of who to employ, when to employ them and what to employ them for. MWAI can refer you to our trusted network of property professionals.


Most projects in Central London will require you to employ one or more professionals to help you complete the work required. There are a great many options available to you in the UK, with no set way of approaching the problems. However, if you have had previous overseas experience of building projects, it is useful to reflect on this to draw parallels with the UK system.


For clients who are interested in lifestyle, furniture, and decorative objects, you may wish to start a project with a specialist architect firm or an interior designer. Most architects do not provide loose Interiors, as they do not have the dedicated procurement vehicle required to deliver the service and products in a professional manner. MWAI do, however. Most interior designers cannot provide you with architectural or planning services or contract administration. MWAI can. It is a core part of our service. We specialise in client relationship management.


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For clients who are spending over £250,000 + VAT we would recommend appointing a quantity surveyor (QS) to work along MWAI. A QS will account for the cost of the project from concept through to completion, and we often suggest that the QS also acts as Contract Administrator to ensure an impartial, cost orientated approach to the delivery of your project.


For basements, major refurbishments, or extensions you will need a structural engineer, and for any major change to the electrics, lighting or plumbing then you will also need a mechanical or electrical engineer.


If you have complex planning needs or wish to push the envelope of Planning Policy, then we would also refer you to a planning consultant to help you navigate the complexities of the UK system.


Finally, a project manager may also be required. In the UK, the term ‘Project Manager’ likely does not mean what you think as, over the years, the role of architects and surveyors have merged to form this role. A project managers role is essentially a client-side organiser, responsible for reporting information, organising the design team, and assisting the progress of the project. MWAI can provide this service but we are also very happy to work alongside specialist project managers, client representatives, family offices or even executive designers. We regularly recommend experienced project manager to work alongside us.


Turnkey consultancy:

The complexity of the UK consultancy fragmentation has led MWAI to offer turnkey consultancy for many of our clients. Turkey consultancy provides a single point of interface for our clients, with MWAI employing the other members of the professional team through MWAI or MWAI BUILD. We find that this service is increasingly popular with international clients in London and relies heavily on our track record of trust and competence in the market. The advantage of turnkey is obvious - a single point of contract is easy, shorter, simpler and offers a single point of responsibility.


If you have managed to get to the bottom of this article, you are likely to be serious about appointing consultants for your new project! Please dont hesitate to contact us on 0207 258 0332. We are happy to help and enjoy meeting new people.